More about the authors

Veronica Boxberg Karlsson

Veronica is the founder of MSPA Europe/Africa, the trade organization for mystery shopping in Europe, and board member of MSPA Global. Veronica has written several books about mystery shopping for managers and employees, which are translated into 25 languages. Veronica is also the co-author of books about sales, service, and leadership. She has more than 40 years of experience gained in leading positions in the service industry, and several years as a buyer of mystery shopping services. Veronica has received many awards during the years; MSPA Hall of Fame, the Company Leader of the Year and Better Business has been recognized as a Gazelle company, one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden.

Lina Thomasdotter Schölin

Lina is CEO at Better Business. She has more than 20 years experience of developing mystery shopping programs for clients, nationally as well as internationally. She has a MBA from Stockholms Universitet, an university degree in project management, and market economist from IHM Business School. Lina is co-author of the first book about mystery shopping for employees. The books are available in 25 languages.

Jan Gunnarsson

Jan Gunnarsson is the founder of VĂ„RDSKAPET ("Hostmanship" in English), a company that supports managers and employees to develop including, open, and welcoming companies and destinations. Jan is author of eight boks about hostmanship, treatment, service, co-operation and leadership. Jan is one of the most engaged speakers in Sweden and he has inspired his audience in more than 1800 occations in Sweden and Internationally. Jan is trained as a teacher in compassion at Stanford University, USA and has joined training programs in personal leadership at Harvard Business School.